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We are committed to reduce global warming by having Green plant, Green Product and Green environment.

Sai manufactures transformers of high quality. Our objective is to maximize the return on transformer assets by ensuring high reliability, reducing life costs and ensuring optimized performance, while lowering environmental impact.
We aim to provide services throughout the life of transformers and automatic voltage regulators from commissioning to recycling, for all kinds of transformers and AVRs. Our team of service engineers is technically trained and experienced for more than 20 years. We aim towards high responsiveness.

What is our focus?
Our focus is to recognize the specific service requirements based on the criticality of assets used for manufacturing or any other processes including lighting, air conditioning etc. We have developed in-house expertise and can provide the additional capabilities needed to maintain site equipments performance at the required level. Our experienced service professionals can help to identify and implement effective contract maintenance programs that can reduce cost and improve uptime by maintaining equipment at peak performance levels.

 We offer full service & maintenance whether on site or at our in-house factory servicing wing.
§  With more than 20 years experience in servicing transformers, we are one of the oldest and most reliable service providers.
§  Skilled technicians to assess the breakdown cause and understand the needs of asset uptime and reliability over its life cycle
§ Broad network with area coverage over Delhi, Ambala, Rajkot, Meerut, Kanpur, Bhilwara, Bhubhneswar, Saharanpur, Mumbai, Pune, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Dehradoon, Allahabaad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Patna, Bareilly,Aligarh and Himachal Pradesh.
§   800 Installations already under our service contracts.
§  Ensure checking breakdowns within 24 hours anywhere in the country.
§  Only Transformer Company which has service team that provides site services.
Which Equipments are serviced by us?

1.1   Servo Voltage Stabilizer (Self and Other Brands)
1.2   Transformers (Self and Other Brands)  


Our Annual Maintenance Contracts generally includes replacement of defective parts/ replacement of whole units along with On-site support. Sometimes, Annual Maintenance Contracts would require the customer to hand over defective units/ send them over to the factory which would be returned to them after the fault is rectified.

When to sign up for AMC?

We emphasize on signing up for AMC contracts before the warranty/ previous AMC contract expires to avoid unforeseen costs out of warranty. We undertake a Preventive Maintenance check for all the equipments covered under the AMC, at least once in six months.
The cost of the AMC contract per year for transformers & AVRs is 8% to 10% of the original cost of the equipment. This can also vary based on type of the equipment.
There is one more type of service that we offer. Here, the customer is charged a service charge that covers the servicing/ repairs, etc. on-site for a year. But, if there are any defective components, the same has to be replaced by the customer at their own cost.
What is covered in our services?

With a required inventory of spare parts on hand, repairs can be carried out quickly and with minimal disruption to operations. To diagnose the problem, important measures that we take are:
  • Electrical Measurements.
  • Oil Analysis (refilling if required).
  • Analysis using diagnostic methods and tools.
  • Performance measures as per customer requests.

Under AMC, the above is maintained after every half year and as & when requested by the client.

Customer testimonials & Performance Certificates

“We have installed 3 nos. (60 KVA,30 KVA, 20KVA) "Powerware” brand Servo Voltage Stabilizer manufactured by Sai Electricals, Meerut. The performances of these stabilizers are good since last 5 Years. Service provided by Sai Electricals also has been satisfactory. We wish them all the best”- BEAUTY PALACE JEWELLERY HOUSE, AMBALA

“We have installed 1 no. “Powerware” (Sai Electricals, Meerut) H.T Automatic voltage Controller on our 11KV line. This AVC has been doing consistently good performance for over two years and stabilizes the input voltage to the transformer at 11KV inspite of severe voltage fluctuations. The equipment as well as service provided is upto our expectations. We wish them all the best.”- BAJAJ STEEL AND INDUSTRIES, KANPUR

We have purchased a 150KVA “Powerware” Servo voltage Stabilizer from M/s Sai Electricals, Meerut and commissioned it on 6.03.1996. We certify that the installation of this “POWERWARE” Servo Voltage Stabilizer has resulted in conservation of 20% of electrical energy. We have covered our plant illumination load by this stabilizer. In our view, the payback period of this equipment is less than one year.- MODI RUBBER LTD.

             For us, our most important stakeholder is our customers.
Or any service requirement please feel free to contact below:-

1. Abhinav Sharma (Manager Services)
Mob: +919412206477, +919456262690
2. Mahesh Chand Sharma (Technical Support Executive)
Mob: +919528762009 
3. Aman Gupta (Service Supervisor)
Mob: +919319932110
if any enquiry free feel to contact us at


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