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The main functionality of power transformers is to make use of electricity without the risk of destroying the internal circuitry of any equipment because of the flow of high voltage.QWe should know that voltage in different parts of the world is differ ? different countriees follow different standards of power and it would prove to be very expensive to change back to a single universal system.United States and Canada run on 110/120  volts and all other parts of world runs on 220/240 Volts, whereas industrial plants use 440 to 480 volts.This fact alone makes choosing the power transformer all the more selective.Before choosing a power transformer there are few things to consider:
a)Determine the load size and load type.
b)Primary voltage and frequency as well as secondary voltage and capacity.
c)Determine the maximum load you can expect.
So from above we can conclude that transformer play a very important and crucial role in an electrical systems in all the areas i.e. Generation,Transmission and Distribution.All we know that a transformer works as a heart of an electrical system.As a critical and an expensive component of the power systems,transformers play an important role in power delivery and the integrity of the power system network as a whole.Each transformer have a specified limits of operation beyond which the loss of transformer life can occur.If subjected to adverse conditions there can be a heavy damage to the system and system equipment,besides intolerable  interruption of service to the customers.Since the lead time for repair and replacement of transformers is usually very long, therefore limiting the damage to faulted transformers is the foremost objective of transformer protection.
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