Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Besides of above isolation transformer also serving the purpose there are a solution available in the form of isolation & lighting transformers. It helps us in many ways some are as below:
  1.      Generation of Neutral connectivity.
  2.      Strengthen the neutral connectivity
  3.      Works as a filter device for a impure power that’s why it is most reliable in the Data centers.
  4.      Very effective for drives & UPS.

Further to above Isolation transformers are very useful for electronic equipments as sophisticated electronic equipments are most sensitive to line transients, spikes. These impulse are of a very short duration of the order of a microseconds to a very few milliseconds but their amplitude can range from hundreds to thousands of volts. They can be caused by lighting, mains line switching, Air-conditioning or switching at any heavy duty machinery, if it is not suppressed it can cause memory loss in computer and disturbed in data transmission.
Typical Applications of Isolation Transformers:
a)    For preventing data corruption and failure in computers using hard disc,
b)    For the protection of telecommunication and data communication equipment
c)  For the patient’s safety while using machines like ECG, EEG or EMG pacemakers or any electrosurgical aid.
d)    For clear recording in audio and video recording equipment.
e)    For error free data in process control instruments.
f)     For elimination of earthing problem in electrical installations.

g)    For protection of CNC/ PLC equipment from surges / spikes.


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